POEXWorking at the National Historic Trails office in Salt Lake City has been an eye-opening experience for me and a real testament to how easy it is to take for granted things that I innately do. Every person I have met here is so in awe of my ability to organize systems and process information at lightning speed. I just met my supervisor’s supervisor and she was so highly complimentary of “all” I am doing and I had a hard time understanding why she was so gushy about it. I’m just doing what I do and have always done.

This job has opened me to gratitude for myself and my abilities. Things that I used to discount about myself are so valued here. Skills that I was once led to believe were just an excellence, instead of my genius, and therefore a “sell out” are actually so valuable in the right arenas.

When I’m thinking my butt is just warming the seat and I’m “just” doing “menial tasks” that are unimportant, mundane, and a “sell out” because I’ve “gone back to work” is such a disservice to the top-level federal employees who stand in front of me and say, “You are SO important to us. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do for us here. You are helping us so much. Thank you! Thank you!” Every day here is an opportunity to get out of self-beatup and into self-acknowledgment and self-appreciation.

I am so grateful I finally got my ass back to work. I feel so much better about myself and what I am capable of. I chose this job and it is everything – and more – that I commanded the Universe to send my way. Thank you, Universe, for complying and adding some delicious little aspects that I didn’t even think to consider.

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