“I want to know the future,” she said and my heart thumped erratically. She was a client who had worked with me before. She knew my “rules,” but I could tell by the commanding tone of her voice that she was going to open that Pandora’s Box and I was going to get to be the one who saw it all.

I am powerfully psychic, but I avoid predictive readings, mostly because I believe that our lives are built upon and directed by the choices we make and predictive readings destroy that gift of choice. First off, any psychic who is seeing another’s future is always only seeing a possibility – one out of a limitless palette of options. It is only a possibility, but the client tends to take it as gospel truth, the reality of what will happen, which is just not true.

One of two things happen after someone has been told their future: they either stop living, waiting for the “it” to show up as the psychic said it would, or they direct everything they’ve got toward that outcome, ignoring all other possibilities and force it to happen. Either way, their power to create their own life – their power of choice – is removed from them. For me, this is the greatest disservice anyone can reap upon another.

The Future… it is a scary place for several reasons. First and foremost, it is not now. It is the space that is beyond us, that is never really here, that is always changing because we are always changing. It is ungrounded and unmanageable because it is the realm of imagination. And, in truth, when humans spend their time wondering or worrying about the future, they can generate intolerably fearful situations – all of which they never really experience because… It. Is. In. The. Future. But their mind doesn’t know that. Their mind experiences that fearful imagining as current stress and the body responds accordingly.

So, when she sat in front of me, wide-eyed, expectant, and hopeful that I would bend my rules, even though I had just reiterated them for her friend just a few minutes before, I lovingly reminded her of my reasoning.

“I want to know the future,” she said calmly, strongly.

My heart fell to the ground when I heard her Guides say, “We will do as she has requested.”


Instantaneously, a possibility of her future opened up without any indication as to where it was in the timeline. As soon as I saw it, I knew she didn’t want to hear what I was about to say. I knew that she had called in her greatest fear.

Taking a big breath, I said, “So… I am seeing…” It was two words, but it was the worst thing I could have ever said to her, and I knew it would be. I knew it was the thing she didn’t want to hear about, look at, or consider.

She gasped. Her friends gasped. Suddenly, all three girls had tears in their eyes and my client was saying, “I can’t believe that is what is coming for me. I can’t believe that is what you are seeing. I don’t want to talk about that! It is my worst fear!”

She spent several minutes spinning through a kaleidoscope of horrifying stress, the possible future suddenly becoming the very real here and now. I paid witness to her tears and her trembling, her continual muttering of “No, no, no. It can’t be. This can’t be what is coming for me.”

I watched in horror as one possibility became the only outcome and she sat frozen in fear, unwilling to move forward because she would not accept that as being what was meant for her.

I asked, “Where are we?”

“I don’t know! I don’t know!” She yelled it in frustration, almost defiance. She couldn’t find clarity. She was so frightened, she couldn’t remember when she was.

“Honey,” I said, trying to bring her back to me, into the now, “What did you ask to see?”

“I wanted to see the future. But I don’t want to see THIS future!”

“So… where are you?”

She blinked several times, a deer suddenly realizing that the oncoming lights are not a truck, but is, instead, the rays of the rising sun breaking free of the trees.

“I… uhhh…” she swallowed and said much more gently, “I don’t understand.”

“You asked to see the future, so where does that take us?”

“To the… future…?”

“And is that now? Is this outcome real? Is it now?”

Her eyes grew wide and she gasped, “No! No! It’s not now! Oh my god! It isn’t real!”

She slumped in her chair with relief, suddenly back in the present moment and seemingly feeling a little shy. She lowered her eyes and shook her head a little. I imagined she wished she could take it all back, but she couldn’t. She had gotten her wish and had seen her future – an opportunity to experience her greatest fear.

This young woman has something that she fears so deeply, she is orchestrating her entire life to avoid the very thing she fears. What she was missing is that, by doing so, every single aspect of her life was actually focused on the very thing she fears, adding energy to it and drawing it to her. To avoid something, you have to be alert and pay close attention to it. Think about walking through a room that is crowded with furniture; the only way you will avoid running into that couch is if you keep your eyes open and focused on it, drawing your thoughts and energy toward the couch so you can miss it.

Truth is, every one of us has the ability to see the future, maybe not as clearly as a psychic can, but any time you dwell in the future, you are seeing it. Any time you project your thoughts out into any moment in time “ahead” of you, you are creating a thought stream upon which your energy flows. Your energy follows your thoughts and that energy creates matter – your thoughts create your life. Your thoughts are conjuring your future.

So, I ask you, what life are you creating? Where is your energy focused? Is it in the now so you are actually experiencing the life you are living? Or is it in the future, riddled with fear?

Take a breath, which brings you into the now, and remember… in the now is where your life is. Choose to wield your imagination to create beautiful things and know that you are always the commander of your own life.

And… be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it.

© Angie K. Millgate 2015


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