My #DearSensitives,

Since the eclipse, I have had several clients reach out and say, “Dude! Since the eclipse, I swear EVERYTHING has gotten so intense. Or is that just me? Am *I* losing my mind?!”

No. It isn’t just you. And, no, you are not losing your mind.

As things intensify on this planet, as wars and rumors of wars rage, as fires consume millions of acres and tint the skies a blood red, as waters drown cities, and the sun flares in ways he has never flared before, the emotional energy is rising to fantastical heights. Any Sensitive who has recognized their abilities is really feeling it and for those of you who are attempting to ignore your abilities or deny them altogether, you’re probably feeling it too. Rest assured, you are not alone and you are not losing your mind. The energy IS intensifying.

For too long, humanity has labored under the weight of the archaic constructs that have been built on a foundation of fear, anger, power, domination, and control. If you look at ANY of our systems in this nation, you are able to see how dysfunctional and belabored they have become. They are no longer serving the highest good of ALL, but are, rather, serving the good of a very limited few. And they have been as such for a very long time.

To bring down these systems, it will take a vast amount of energy, which is why the energy is increasing, which is why Mother Earth is helping us. She knows what to do and she’s doing it. Prior to ANY great transformation, there is always a period of great destruction, a death. We are in the beginning stages of the death portion of the transformational cycle.

ANYONE who is committed to being a liar, an abuser, or a manipulator in any realm is coming out swinging. Even though these people may be totally unaware as to the reasons why they simply HAVE TO fight right now, they too are responding to the intensifying energies. And, sadly, they are feeding the constructs that are currently crumbling. Those in your world who have been hiding in the darkness, telling secrets and lies, making up stories, forcing their will upon the innocents of this land, they are growing very uncomfortable because the next phase of evolution for mankind is utter transparency. If the light is shone upon their fabrications, they will disintegrate and that is a scary position, indeed.

Be kind to all those around you. Whether you trust them or not, be kind. Choose to be loving and choose to be wise. If your life is filled with those who have been committed to the dark, heavy energies of drama, hatred, anger, and blame, then it would behoove you to tread lightly around them. Even though they may seem unbreakable, they are the most fragile of all right now and the most unpredictable because their “safe” world is being rocked. If you are in relationship with people who are committed to victimhood and wear their past scars as a badge of honor to be polished and admired, be wary and interact with them while your eyes are fully open and your mind is clear. This period of time is going to hit those committed to victimhood the hardest and, therefore, they will be volatile and look for ways to create drama because it is the source off which they feed.

And, what I know to be true is this… it may be uncomfortable to stand up for truth, you may be the only one standing, and you may experience unforeseen consequences because of your willingness to stand up, but, my friends, we MUST STAND UP TOGETHER. This time in history is about remembering who we are, from where we came, and why we are here. It is about returning to our divinity and embracing the magical starstuff that we are. The bullies are only bullies because someone bullied them first. Practice radical compassion. Use your God’s Eyes to see the truth of their soul. Very few humans are truly evil to the core and those who are, you will know immediately. The rest of them, well, they are just broken.

And they are fighting to remain broken because that brokenness feels safe.

Love them. Love you. Love us all.

It is time. Now.

And two more things… this does not mean you have to take their shit. Standing up means saying “no more.” And you CAN do that; it is your divine right to be at peace. Also, find someone you implicitly trust with whom you can vent your ire about the way the bullies have treated you. YOU deserve to get that out of your system, too.

So, take a breath, and choose Love.

It is how we’ll make it through this.

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