cracked heart

On this planet, life is an experience; it IS emotional. We experience life through our emotions here. If you choose to live your life as though emotions are off limits and that you would rather run away from them, stuff them down, and not even look at them whenever possible, you’re missing life.

Engaging and connecting with other humans is an emotional experience and if you have turned off your emotions, you are unable to engage or connect in healthy ways. Without emotion, you cannot have empathy, and without empathy, you cannot truly understand another person. Empathy provides the ability to look at another’s point of view and understand it, maybe even experience what it feels like for them. But, without emotion, there is no frame of reference to build empathy upon. You have to know how *you* feel first, before you can begin to guess how another human may be feeling.

Without emotion, *healthy* relationship is nonexistent.

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