spiritual bypassing

A friend posted a link to an article that I read and within that article there was a link to another article that led to some research that, when I read it, I actually shouted, “YES!!!”

This very thing is something that I have been bothered about for a VERY long time in most of the spiritual (and religious) communities I have spent some time in and with far too many of the “highly spiritual” people I have hung out with. I have tried, for years, to put it into words and have said some of these very same words, myself. But, to see that there is a psychologist who coined this phrase thirty years ago and that there is scientific data backing my intuitive awareness has been so liberating.

One of the things I stand up loud and proud for is ACCOUNTABILITY in the spiritual community. I stand up for that because I see all of the pain, trauma, and damage that is caused by all of the “gurus” and “enlightened” people who have bypassed their human station, opting for the “high” of the Fifth Dimension, and ignoring the fact that they have a body on this planet.

Nothing is more infuriating than to sit in front of an Innocent who has been lied to, cheated on, abused, and/or read in a harmfully predictive way by someone who was completely out of integrity with the purpose of this planet. The problem is, if you approach someone who is in spiritual bypass, they are usually unwilling to be accountable for their actions and, sometimes, they are even unable to see what they’re doing. They are so firmly immersed in the mind-trip of being a “perfected being,” that they lose track of the truth of this existence.

And the truth of this existence is this: this is planet Earth; we are in the Third Dimension in the plane of physicality. Therefore, to be here, interacting with one another, it means that we are human.

Even if you are Atlantean or Lemurian or Pleiadian or Maldekian, you are on this planet; therefore, you are human right now. Even if you have seen all of your past lives and know that you are a direct descendant of any god – or the embodiment of that god now – you are on this planet; therefore, you are human. Even if you know you’re an alien that was planted here, you are still human because that is what is required in this dimension. On this planet, we. are. human.

No matter how enlightened you become, no matter your level of spiritual guru-ness… on this planet, you are human.

The Awakening or the Ascension is not about abdicating your throne here. It’s not about leaving your body and rising above your circumstances in the name of being “enlightened.” To be Awake is to know that you are Divine AND you are Human and those two aspects of you are working harmoniously.

If you believe you are anything but human right now – or if you have forgotten you have a human vehicle (your body… yeah… that thing below your ego) – you are in spiritual bypass and even though you think you’re perfect that way, you ARE creating horrific messes in this plane. AND we CAN see you!

It is time to REALLY wake up and know the truth: you are Divinely Human and you CHOSE this planet to EXPERIENCE LIFE as a human. Wake. Up.

From time to time, I have posted about how angry I am when I witness the “spiritual guru” trauma that I have supported healing for in some of my clients. Without fail, when one of these posts go up, someone will comment or privately message me about how judgmental I’m being. Even now, as I type this out, I can hear those of you who are judging me as judgmental and now I laugh and accept your judgment. Truth is, I am here to support everyone in remembering their divine truth and their invaluable worth. I’m here to help heal the holes in energy and unfortunately, some of the biggest, negatively destructive forces on our planet right now are the “spiritually enlightened.” They are wielding divine tools in malevolent ways and doing astronomical damage to the overall wellbeing of humanity. So, please, call me judgmental. I AM comfortable being judgmental in this situation because that judgment allows me to see the cracks and the fissures and the gaping wounds caused by the very people who are SUPPOSED to be helping humanity. And when I can see it, I can heal it.


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