The Millennials have been dealt a raw deal and they are rightfully ticked off about it. I can see how they are confused and frustrated because things are NOT at all like they were supposed to be on this planet by the time they arrived. They are stuck on this bridge behind my generation who cannot do what we are here to do because the several generations before mine are hanging on for dear life, extending their lives medically, draining the system, and damming things up because they are so afraid of change.

I am here – and my generation is here – to clear the energetic and emotional shit that was generated through centuries of anger, power, domination, and control. We are here to clear the way of divisiveness and segregation. The people of older generations, as a whole – keeping in mind that there ARE anomalies throughout, but the older the generation, the rarer the anomalies – actually thrive in separateness and cannot understand why we even need to be a “we” because “us versus them” IS their way of life.

The only way humanity will survive what has been created by those who have come before us, by those who are still desperately hanging on to this planet, by those who have built a fortress around this planet that has locked in all this hatred… the only way humanity will survive is if we unite and stand together and move forward together as one. The previous centuries of “us versus them” have created a pervasive energy of hatred that is destroying humanity from the inside.

Many of my friends on Facebook have shared this above video and I saved it to watch later, knowing that it was something I wanted to absorb. I am sharing it now and recommend you take 20 minutes of your day to pay attention to it. It has very powerful points to help us all understand Millennials, as well as support the new generation being born. It piggybacks on what I teach and is in alignment with what I know to be true.

So… let’s talk about Millennials and the Bridge…

The Millennials ARE The Destroyers and thank god they are here. Most of them are peaceable; they CHOOSE peace, instead of war. But, when pushed, they will fight and they will bring this system down because that is why they are here. But, right now, they are frustrated and they are trapped on the bridge between the past that refuses to let go and the future that cannot stop.

The babies being born since 2010 are pure light. They cannot. stop. And they will. not. stop. And they are pushing up against the kids on the bridge who are stuck behind me and mine who are stuck behind those who will not move. These babies, the most magical beings ever born into this planet are here to unite humanity. They are being born into this dimension with gifts that even I cannot yet imagine, even with my ability to believe and imagine that everything is possible. I am one of those people who believes every science fiction movie is rooted in truth. I am the person who watches people walk on walls and fly and disappear and I know it is possible. But these babies, their magic is so vast that, when I loop in with one of them it is like a ride through Wonderland.

I know that my generation raised their children with the sayings that “you can be anything and do anything and have anything” because we were raised with the dwindling effects of limiting beliefs. Generations before us were raised to be seen and not heard; my generation came to bust through that. Everyone deserves to be seen and heard; most importantly, these Millennials need to be seen and heard because they know what they need to do here. We need to let them.

As I see it, the greatest travesty of my generation is that we wanted our children to have everything we had and everything we didn’t have and we wanted to set them up to succeed. In doing so, my generation stopped disciplining, we became the “yes” generation, and we literally spoiled these kids by too much of everything to counteract the not enough of our youth. And I’m not talking about anything physical, emotional, or financial. I am talking about spiritual and energetic. Because our parents were trying to figure out how to make ends meet in a world that was so focused on gathering stuff, we were often left to our own devices and were not spiritually fed by those who had walked before us. For any of us that were raised in a religion, we learned of “god” through the construct of not being worthy of that divine love and we were entrained with the belief that we had to continually strive to reach “perfection,” which created misery.

Therefore, my generation is the one that took out the “god” in everything because many of my generation blame “the church” – that is any church, not just one specific church – for destroying their life, controlling their life, and making it impossible to thrive in this miserable existence. And, miserable it is, because if you’re always straining (yes, I meant straining) for perfection, there is no satisfaction. So, it makes sense to me what this gentleman says in this video about the Millennials living a life of dissatisfaction unlike any other generation before them. It makes sense because the Millennials are the compounded result of generation after generation of people striving for perfection, striving to gather material goods, striving to get ahead of the dollar, striving to be better than the Jonses in whatever way they could.

Each generation that has lived on this planet – and will ever live on this planet – strives to make it better for the generations following them. My grandparents’ generation (born between 1910-1935) is here to help humanity by beginning the process of caring for one another through social effort, which could work, but is failing because there are too many people hanging onto the system without contributing to it. This system cannot hold the weight of outgo vs. input and it is all now draining the future because their vision of the future was not expansive enough. But, they did begin the process of recognizing that helping one another is how we ensure that humanity continues. My parents’ generation (born between 1935-1960) is here to help humanity by beginning the process of returning to our true nature by trying to stop violence and bring forth peace, especially those who grew up in the 50’s-60’s.  My generation (1960-1985) is here to help humanity by awakening humanity, helping them to remember their ability to feel and know the truth for themselves. Millennials (1985-2010) are here to help humanity by destroying the archaic constructs that are sabotaging, rather than serving humanity. The new generation (since 2010) is here to help humanity by enlightening humanity by simply BEING here.

In our effort to make things better, my generation has actually made things worse. I hear people of my generation talking about how “special” their child is and saying this very stuff to their child, especially those who have given birth to babies born since about 2000. Enough of my generation is aware of “magic” because of movies like “The Secret” and “What the Bleep do We Know” and so they are talking the talk without walking the walk. And they figure that, if they can impress upon their children about how magical they are, without limitations, then these children will explode with success. But, it’s backfiring, just as this gentleman says in the video. We are overcompensating for failures of past generations and it has created a monumental conundrum.

Parents in my generation want so desperately to be seen and heard and accepted for their gifts, that they are bending over backwards to make sure their children are never shut down. The two generations born after us have lived in a world where no one loses, which is a false reality. Right now, Earth is in the third dimension and is in the realm of duality. There will always be someone that loses when someone wins, there will always be black when there is white, and that duality will not change simply when we ignore the “bad” of it. That only increases it because ignoring is a form of focus and what you focus on grows. Even if you’re forcibly not focusing on it, you still have to focus on it to avoid it!

But… I digress… that is an entirely different soapbox…

I watch the pressure these Consciousness Movement parents are placing upon their “special” children – who really are fantastical and don’t need it pointed out to them, don’t really want it pointed out to them – and the ongoing pressure of being “special” actually shuts down these kids. They want to be appreciated for their gifts, not turned into circus freaks and performing monkeys. These babies and the Millennials can do magical things! They really can! But – BUT! – they are not here to be circus freak shows. They are here to uplift the entire planet simply by BEING here. THAT is their purpose.

My invitation to you is to look at the following questions and get crystal clear for yourself… how are YOU serving humanity? How are YOU playing into the big scheme of things? How are YOU supporting the generations coming up behind us? Are YOU resenting them for their entitlement or are YOU appreciating them for the uncomfortable position they’ve been placed in? Are YOU choosing to continue to build them up or are YOU tearing them down? Are YOU doing YOUR PART in the betterment of humanity? Are YOU letting go of what needs to be let go of?

If you are in my generation, it is your duty to let go of the shit you’re carrying for everyone around you and all those who have come before you. It is our purpose to clear this pathway so these kids can do their work. The longer you hold onto the old ways of divisiveness, scarcity, lack, control, domination, power, and “us versus them,” the more more uncomfortable it is going to get for you. The energy on this planet IS growing more volatile and it is doing so at an exponential rate. The heavier you are, the more you’re going to feel the ups and downs, ins and outs, and thrashing of it all. The more you hold on to the framework of the perceived stability of what once was, the more beat up you’re going to become.

We are IN  it, my friends. We are in the time “they” have prophesied about for millennia. We are IN the time of twinkling, transformation, enlightenment, ascension, and whatever other fancy froo-froo-la-la terminology you want to apply to it. Literally, what you choose to focus on IS what you will experience and you will experience it exponentially.

For me, I choose Love. And I am choosing to shine my light so bright that I burn my way through this shit so that those who are trapped on the bridge can move forward. That is why I am here… to make way for the children to come forth.

Why are YOU here?


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