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I recently shared my experience with my regular client who was bamboozling people and dragging them in for a session with me and how, on my end, it was turning my work into a torture chamber and was the dominatrix in charge. Not pretty. Not fun. Not one bit.

And, boy oh boy! Did it ever hurt! It was something I promised myself and the Universe that I would never participate in again. The pain was so intense and the learning so vital, that I knew that if I did not honor the lessons of that experience I was going to really not like what the Universe had in store for me next. Nothankyouverymuch!

I’m not going to recap the whole situation because it’s there for you to read (Not On My Watch) and I don’t want to bore those who are already up to speed with it. So, I will continue forward with my tale.

Imagine my surprise when I looked up to see a familiar energy approaching me. At first, I couldn’t place him; I knew I knew him, but I didn’t know how I knew him. If I have read for a person, I recognize their energy first, then their face, and then maybe their name, but that happens only after a few reads. When they sit down for a reading with me, anything applicable from their last reading will drop into my awareness. If they’ve moved through, moved beyond, or healed whatever issue(s) we were dealing with, then I’ll have no recollection of anything that was said in the session, but I’ll remember the connection. With this man, all I knew was that he felt familiar; nothing else showed up.

After he told me he wanted a reading, I asked if I had read for him before. He got shy and smiled, shaking his head. “No, but you almost did.”

He shared with me that a friend had brought him in, but it took me a few moments to realize that he was the bamboozled man I had refused to read for several weeks earlier. That man, the one I sent away, had been so nervous in a terrified and somewhat angry way. The man before me was nervous, but in the way that most people are nervous when they go into a reading for the first time… they just don’t know what to think and often their fears have been built upon a foundation of tales of wickedness and evilness that is spawned through “readings” so they are really scared about that, more than anything. The other thing that is common is that people “don’t want to hear bad things about their future.” I don’t know how many times I have heard that, but it is the number one thing out of the mouths of first-timers, especially those with any sort of religious programing. I always love the facial expression and sigh of relief when I tell them I don’t “future and fortune readings.”

From the get-go, this man was open and receptive. He was willing to share his concerns, ask his questions, seek clarity for himself. He was warm and loving – a completely different state of being than the man who had sat in front of me weeks before. The first time he had been before me, I could sense the Universe wanting to talk to him, but he hadn’t been open to hearing the words. However, this time, he was and his reading was beautiful.

As a Healer, it is my responsibility to my clients that I honor their space, that I listen to what the Universe is guiding me to say or not to say. Sometimes, I know that my work would be good for someone, but the Universe will press the brakes and whisper to me, “Not yet, Dear One. They’re not quite ready. Yet.” And then it is left up to me to trust and honor that guidance, knowing that everyone, in the timing that is divinely aligned for them, will eventually come around.

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