I’m gonna be a bit vulnerable here… I envy some of my peers.
Specifically, Energy Workers, Readers, Intuitives, Healers, Coaches who are in a relationship/marriage with partners who work and bring in an income, providing them the financial foundation to do their passion.
Some of my friends have small part time jobs, but the rest of their time is spent in their healing work; or it’s divided between being a healer and a parent. However, many of my healer friends, who are also in relationships/marriages, do not have part time jobs. Their only work IS their healing work. Many of them are doing creative endeavors – writing books about their work, painting, etc – full time, while their spouse/partner brings home an income that pays the bulk of – if not all of – the mortgage, utilities, and creditors, while putting food on the table.
Many of these friends frequently complain about how hard they have it because they aren’t generating money with their gifts and abilities. Or they complain about how money is tight for them.
Recently, someone asked me if ANY woman in SLC was making it in the entrepreneurial world. A few came to mind and I listed them off. Then I realized, every woman I named was married or in a long term relationship and was working her purpose full time. Those women were also the same women who honored their spouses/partners publicly for providing them the space, the foundation, and the support they need to get their job done.
I believe that we healers DO need support. It IS hard trying to make it on our own. And those few of us who are trying to do that without a partner who pays the bulk of our bills, it is downright discouraging and exhausting, at times. My fight to make ends meet has been THE thing that has brought me to my breaking point far too often. It has been THAT battle that has caused me to question if I am meant to BE this healer that I AM.
You think it is hard not being able to make money as a healer, reader, coach, etc, while IN a relationship that financially backs you? Try doing it alone. It’s an entirely different and painful depth of difficult that cannot be imagined from a foundation shored up with someone else’s income.


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