When times are hard and you’re afraid you’re going to drown in the darkness that is enveloping your life, remember that this too shall pass. Nothing in this world is permanent, so this moment WILL pass, the darkness WILL pass, the illness or pain WILL pass. YOU are an infinite creature of Light and those things are not in alignment with you, which is why they feel overwhelming and grab your attention. They are NOT of you. Remember YOU have the power to shift your experience of it by choosing to experience it through Love.

Let me share a story about my experience of shifting something that felt infinitely dark into an experience of Love…

Exactly 2,922 days ago (eight years) to nearly the very minute, I found out that a series of choices had been made by someone I dearly love that would have catastrophic ripple effects on such a far-reaching scale that no one could guess just how many dominoes were going to fall, how astronomical the consequences would be, or just how many people’s lives were going to be unalterably changed because of the series of unbelievably ugly events.

I remember the devastation that crashed into me when I heard with my own ears the horrifying scenes from the person who had created the tsunami. I remember how everything exploded around me in that instant and I watched as the molecules of my life evaporated right in front of my eyes, knowing that, as a result of the choices he made that morning, life as I knew it would never be the same, we were being swallowed by the dark.

In that one morning, I became viscerally aware that life *isn’t* always good, *isn’t* always at my command, and *isn’t* always fair. Good people do get hurt. Good people do make really stupid decisions, resulting in painfully traumatic outcomes for themselves and those around them. I learned that the Light doesn’t always win, that sometimes Darkness does. I learned that lies have a lot of power when enough people believe them. I learned that someone can hide in the darkness, behind their lies and their lack of accountability and their blame, and they can receive accolades for that. I learned that it is possible for lies to be big enough to take away a person’s life and irrevocably change countless other lives in the process. I learned that sometimes, the punishment for really stupid decisions is so unimaginably huge that it begins to feel like the universe is a very wrathful place.

2,922 days ago, someone I love made choices that reflectively and irreversibly changed me. I will never be the person I was 2,923 days ago. And even with how painful that change was – and still is, at times – I am damn grateful for it. Because, NOW, I can see where lies are reigning and I choose to do everything in my power to shine a light into the darkness that protects the liars and abusers. I have developed the ability to call forth those who are ready to stand up with me to shine the Light into the darkness. I have personal experience of the power of standing in Truth. I have discovered that I no longer fear Death, Truth, or my own power and have embodied those energies, which allows me to call out all the Warriors of Light without so much as flinching and they ARE standing with me.

We are here to bring the Light and I am forever grateful for the man who chose to make the most disastrous series of choices back then so that the construct of darkness around him would be smashed to smithereens and my blindness would be dissolved.

In a series of split-second decisions, life was wholly and permanently changed, as was I. Through Love, Light, and Forgiveness, I have discovered that that morning was, indeed, all part of The Plan from which something great is emerging. Because, I NOW know that the Universe, God, Source, Heavenly Father – whatever we choose to call that energy that is truly unnameable – is a benevolent energy and all of it – even that darkest of mornings – ALL of it IS Love.

I choose Love.

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