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My dear friend posted this yesterday and I just saw it. I’m sharing it here, along with my response, because from what I understand, lots of us #DearSensitives are in overwhelm. What are YOU experiencing?

My response:

I’ve sorta given up on discerning between all of it and feel just plain damn overwhelmed. None of the tools I teach are working for me – which sorta freaks me out because I’m wondering if all my newbies are drowning because the tools aren’t working for them either.

I feel like I’m slamming into and through portals at every turn. My time warping/bending abilities are off the charts. All the up/downloads are bypassing my conscious brain… I feel like I am a pass-through right now, retaining none of it consciously… until I spout off with something I didn’t know I knew and then I’m like, “Well… hell… I know THAT?!”

For instance, this weekend, I was in Yellowstone with my nephews. The animal energy was INTENSE. I have always been able to feel animals, but it has always just been like it was one lump sum of “animals.” As we drove, I got hit with all sorts of different energies from the animal kingdom. I could actually discern the difference between species and volume. It was happening so quickly that I was disoriented and a little sick.

At one point, the bear energy was SO thick that I knew we were going to see bears. When we were coming out of the park, in the very area where I first felt hit by a lot of bears on the way in, I felt bears again and said several times, “We’re going to see bears. I can feel them.” And then, when there were bears, my twelve year old nephew’s eyes popped out of his head and he said, “Auntie Angie! How did you do that?!” He wanted to know what the bears and wolves and elk and deer felt like, so I got to explain it to him.

That has never happened to me until this weekend. So much is shifting and so quickly, I cannot keep track. And when I am in SLC (under the Dome of Zion, as I call it) I drown really quickly and feel like I am in panic mode constantly.

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