“It’s like I have no foundation, no home, no direction…”

These are the sorts of things I am hearing from my clients these days. Powerful Sensitives show up in front of me, with tearful eyes and hurting hearts. The Seers are having a hard time Seeing. The Listeners are experiencing difficulty Hearing well. The Empaths are overwhelmed with Feelings they are unable to identify. As a Sensitive myself, I am having my own experience of these, all at once, often, with a few other choice sensations added in for spice.

In the metaphysical world… Those who have already chosen into their gifts are having their gifts honed and amplified, which causes disorientation and sensations of instability or no ground to stand upon. Those who have not yet chosen into their gifts are being rudely awakened, booted out the door, and being commanded to fly or splat upon the pavement. Those who have chosen out of their gifts, numbing themselves to them with substances or medication are experiencing a greater need for their numbing element of choice.

In the “real world,” this has shown up as loss of jobs and other sources of income, transitioning between homes and having the deal on the end of the new home fall through so there is a homeless experience for some time. It has looked like relationships ending for befuddling reasons that one is unable to unwind. It has looked like complete and total exhaustion, while being unable to sleep, nighttime dreams disappearing and daytime visions waning. It has manifested as car problems, vanishing money, uncharacteristically overdrawn accounts, and the perplexing sensations of just being unable to move.

What I can tell you is this…


If you are in your own rendition of this, you are not alone. Since midsummer 2015, the Sensitives have been hit hard as the energy escalates on this planet and things in the heavens shift drastically. As above, so below, and within… we are getting it from all angles. This is part of the evolution of the energy of humankind and it is why we Sensitives chose this planet at this time. It is our work. It is our Purpose.

If you are in the middle of this oddness, if your divine inspiration is leading to nowhere and no money, if you are wandering about feeling lost, if you are utterly disoriented and unclear on what your next step is supposed to be… hold on. Things are shifting. We are being prepared and there will come a time when everything becomes crystalline and precise, once again. Your gifts are increasing, they are expanding, they are intensifying as part of this process. And, in the end, it is going to make sense.

What I leave with you is this… keep. breathing.



And do it again.

Be conscious of that inhale and exhale. Be with yourself as you do it and do it as often as you can throughout the next coming moments, hours, days, weeks, and months, as we prepare to lift humanity out of the dredges of sludge it has been slogging through for far too long now.

Thank you for your tender heart and your willingness to keep going, even when you cannot See, Hear, or Feel clearly.

I love you, my Sensitive Warriors. I am proud to be witness to your greatness!

Blessed be.



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2 Responses to When the Sensitives can no longer See, Hear, or Feel… What Then?

  1. Richard Clegg says:

    YOU (we “sensitives) are amazing. Thanks for your beautiful words of encouragement. I, and I assume many others, needed that! Richard

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