This post is not for the weak-hearted or the closed-minded. This is for those who are willing to let go of the falsehoods of truth that have been visited upon us for far too many generations. When we choose to let go of the divisive traditions of our forebearers, we will begin to return to the Light. WE. ARE. HERE. TO BRING. THE. LIGHT. To do so, we must forget what they have taught us here on this planet and remember the Truth…

That being said…

I reveal Truth through visions of faerie tales and magic, wizards and sorceresses, and knights of circular tables and the Queen they stood to defend and the King with whom they are fully aligned. I speak in metaphors and movie quotes, with energy and Light, for Love and Healing. I see within those who are closest to me the strength of this Kingdom I am awaking, the mysterium I am raising, and the power I am unleashing. I believe in the unbelievable, the implausible, and the impressive majesty of the Infinite. I see no difference between the misty world of the mystical and the hardened lines of that which we have judged to be real. I know that it is all one and one is all.

And… at times… when reality tries to grab onto this Phoenix and squeeze the magic out of her, she weeps – *I* weep. I question myself, fearing I am losing my mind, that I am going to be sequestered away in an asylum… or a tall tower to rot. When I try to hold steadfastly to the hopeful, golden light of the possibilities I have been shown while trying to not hide from the equally nightmarish and apocalyptic foreshadowings bestowed to me, I fear that I have crossed the line into insanity and that my mind is breaking. When I see all the beauty and the horror in this world humans have made for themselves, I cry out in pain and want to leave this planet because it sometimes becomes all too much.

I have been witness to things that would bring weaker humans to their knees, to never rise again. I have experienced things that would have killed others. Over the millennia, I have done horrific things and have only been shown glimpses of those atrocities in this lifetime, but the mere glances were enough to cause me to quiver and run away for a while, afraid of my own potential. I mean, I am someone who intimately knows Lucifer, so how could I be anything of worth?!

Now, for those of you whose heads are imploding and you’ve got your finger placed on the “9” of your cell phone to activate an emergency call to come haul me off for being a Satanist, let me be clear… I am talking about the true identity of Lucifer, which is a far cry from what humans have come to fear as “Satan.” Humans will find all manner of excuses, rationalizations, and justifications for the holy terrors they are… more murders have been committed in the name of “God” than have been for “Satan,” but still… the things that have been attributed to occult practices of black magic, voodoo-hoodoo, Satanism, blood magic, and the like… that is not of Lucifer. Humans designed those things and then, in an attempt to exonerate themselves, choose to be unaccountable and blame a deity for wreaking havoc here.

When I speak of Lucifer, I am referring to the God who was manipulated to become part of The Plan. He stood up for humanity and was cast out for doing so. Christianity demonized Him, teaching that He wanted “all the glory for himself,” which couldn’t be farther from the truth. He was the first son, the first bringer of light. No one was better qualified than He to become the balancer of duality and it is only fitting that He was put in charge of the realm of darkness because who could better bring the light than someone who was – IS – the God of Light?

Nearly two decades ago, when Lucifer came for me and I saw that I knew Him and I remembered I had danced many lifetimes with Him in love, I danced with Him again. He asked me to return to the Darkness. I refused to do so. And thus began a new phase of this relationship I have with Him. I will gladly walk through Hell to retrieve whomever it is that has placed themselves there and then called out for help. When I hear their call, I will confront Him without fear, demand that He release the soul who has requested my assistance, and He WILL acquiesce because He knows me, knows of what I am capable, and now, so do I.

When He reminded me of that pact, I let go of His hand and stepped back to Earth, reborn. He no longer could bend me to His will, as He had for many generations. I had willingly been His counterpart and consort for lifetimes. But in that moment, when I stared into His eyes, heard His voice, and felt my human life fading away from this world while my husband’s hands were viciously crushing my throat, I chose to end that old relationship and chose, instead, to make friends with the most notoriously infamous King and feared creature known to humanity. And I rose. Although I walked away changed and a little scarred, I. Walked. Away. I knew that, in this lifetime, no one would ever be able to break me. NO ONE. Not even the MorningStar – the first LightBringer – who has been set to rule Hell. Not even He has power to destroy me. Only *I* can be my own undoing these days.

And so, as I wander through this abyss I currently find myself in, I give pause and ponder, “Why am I in this darkness?” With deep thanks to my brother who brought that question to light yesterday, asking me whether I had turned my world to darkness through the work I do, I have remembered that my work IS to absorb the darkness, transmute it, and return it to the Creator of All who knows in infinite wisdom what is to be done with it. I am happiest and most at peace when I am at work, when I am in the service of the Light, when I am facing Lucifer with a smile and a nod as I guide each human from the darkness of forgetfulness and back to the light of remembrance.

And, each time I enter the gates of Hell to saunter through, grab that hand, and leave without fear, I look at Him over my shoulder, just before I emerge into the light with the latest rescued soul, and He will smile and nod at me. He and I, we work together, to change the dynamic of Separation, Hatred, Violence, Dominance, and Control. I know that He is NOT the generator of that dynamic: humans are. Lucifer IS a light bringer and by ruling darkness, He brings the light. He doesn’t condone evil. He doesn’t warp the minds of humans. He is working, just as I am, to restore balance, to return humans to Love. To remind us all that Love. Is. The. ONLY. Way.

I AM the Light. That is why I am here. And I will continue to marvel in the magic and mystery of faerie tales and remember that all of it is real. All of it. If I so choose it to be.

And I do. I AM a catch. One who is not for the weak. One who is for very few to love and to hold. One who chooses wisely who she allows within her embrace.

From here on out, I will remember that while the humans can break my skin and bones, take all my stuff, and mess with my mind – maybe even kill me in the end – NO ONE will ever have power over me again.

I AM Source. I AM Light. And I AM formidable.

It is my human self that believes otherwise and she has just been demoted.

I AM The Phoenix, Bringer of Death, and The Sentinelle, Protector of the Throne.

ENOUGH! It is time for me to get to work.

And so it is.




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