Profoundly Sensitive People…

You often have difficulties understanding why people can be so mean. You watch those around you, listen to the things they say, and witness their behaviors and you are often appalled. You notice that you frequently think (and maybe even say out loud), “I really don’t like people very much.”

You feel so sad when you watch scenes like the one in “Never Been Kissed” where Billy and his date throw eggs at Josie on prom night or when they make Ronald shitbomb his best friend’s house in “Can’t Buy Me Love.” Those kind of scenes, where the underdog is made fun of or purposely hurt, cause you to hurt so much, you almost can’t breathe.

There are times when you wish you didn’t have to ever go outside because you simply don’t want to witness anymore meanness. You don’t like the way it feels to your heart. You don’t like that you cry when someone else feels pain. And you certainly don’t want to be made fun of or be made to hurt – ever again.

It is time to reclaim your power, to understand how magnificent and magical you are, and to stand up for yourself and those who cannot.

You have power beyond measure. It’s time to learn how to open up to it and step fully into it.

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