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I have a daily practice that involves starting my day with quiet focused time for reading spiritually uplifting books. This practice was born out of the question, “Hmmmm… I wonder… how can I create more balance in my overall life?” Because I had been so focused on school, many areas of my human experience were neglected, my spiritual self being nearly abandoned all together. I could feel the imbalance and knew that something needed to change.

This morning, I put on my “Chill” station on, plugged in my headset to drown out all external sound, submerged myself in the New Age Spa sound, and picked up my book. Right now, I am reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Wishes Fulfilled. I’m reading this book slowly, giving myself permission to soak it in, ponder it, absorb the words. I’m allowing it to change my thinking patterns.

Then, as I read, I came across a paragraph that, when I read it, I actually gasped out loud and thought, “That is why I do what I do as an Energy Healer!” Often times, people have asked, “Angie, why do you do that? How do you do that?” The second question is easy to answer, “Because I see it to be true and so it is.” The first question, however, has always tripped me up because all I could come up with was, “Because I love it and know I simply have to do what I do,” but that never seemed to be enough for people.

When I read Dr. Dyer’s words as he quoted Anita Moorjani’s – author of Dying to Be Me – words, I rejoiced because she put into words the very reason that I know on a gut level to be true:

Anita realized that the seemingly solid world that our senses offer us is an illusion. She changed the outcome of [cancer] test results and concluded that we can change anything by changing our energy, which we create with our thoughts. For her, this included a reality called cancer because a shift in consciousness made it disappear. “From what I saw, it looked like we are energy first and physical is only a result of expressing our energy,” she says. “And we can change our physical reality if we change our energy.”

Yes! That is the reason I humbly walk the path of Energy Healer with so much Love in me. I support others in shifting their energy so that their expression creates a physical reality they WANT to live!!!

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  1. MaryAnn says:

    LOVE this Angie! Your gift is quite extraordinary! I can’t imagine you doing anything else.

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