Image courtesy of Easa Shamih and linked to originating site

Image courtesy of Easa Shamih and linked to originating site

When humans “fall in love” with another human, there is a tendency to believe that it is because of that person. At that moment, it is hard to remember that the love you are experiencing is not the other person. It is never the other person who generates that “in love” feeling. It is you. It is always you.

When we “fall in love” we are in an experience of remembering our truths. Something within that person has triggered a waking up of sorts that points to us how we want to feel, what we want to experience. We could not experience that “in love” feeling with them if we weren’t in alignment to remember what it feels like to be in that state of aliveness. Being “in love” is the ultimate reminder of our true, divine essence and it is why humans long for that spark. It IS the GodSpark of creation and infinite possibilities.

When you’re in love with someone and it doesn’t work out, for whatever reason, no matter where you were in the growth of that relationship, it hurts. And, when the dream of being “with” that person disintegrates, the pain is indescribable. It is at that time, in the spiraling downward of dashed dreams and broken hearts, that it is most difficult to remember that the love you were “in” is YOUR LOVE. It is still there. Even though the other person is gone, you ARE still IN LOVE.

No amount of “other fishes in the sea” and “time heals all wounds” will help in that time. The only thing that helps is being fully present for the experience of having your heart broken wide open and feeling the emotions associated with that. And, perhaps, if you remember that the breaking open of your heart only opens you wider to receive the infinite joy that is yours, perhaps that will soften the blow.

In the meantime, breathe. And remember, this too shall pass.

You ARE divinely perfect in every way.

I love you.

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