That is all I can come up with… WOW!

My life is moving at such a fast rate these days with love abounding everywhere. So, in this moment, I’m going to breathe and appreciate the abundance, recognize it and welcome it in. As I typed that, I heard my underlying tape of, “It’s all gonna end soon,” begin to play and so I recognize that too and send it love. I thank it for being a part of my life, for keeping me safe and release it to move on. In this moment, I am choosing to believe that love and abundance goes on forever, as does the experience of it if I so choose it. And I do.

Today, I am appreciating… * the divinely guided message of my radio show this morning, as I went in a direction that was completely unexpected and focused on love and accountability leading us to abundance * the surprise of joining my friend, Jen Halterman, on air at her show, Everyday Joy, for another completely unexpected adventure of love and accountability * the experience of seeing how my love grows exponentially as I become more accountable * the opportunity to move my body in easeful, powerful ways * feeling love underneath it all.

I am fully alive AND it is a marvelous experience, indeed.

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  1. I’m soooo happy for you!!! : ) kathy

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