Sometimes I say some smart things.
When I do, I feel surprised for a few moments
and then say, “Hey! That was GOOD!”
This page is a place where I can record
the random bits of wisdom I channel
from the Universe, or simply just spout from my head.

Being “lost” is a perspective that can easily shift; all it takes is one conscious breath to realize where you are and that where you are may make sense to no one but you. That is not “lost;” that is life. 07/17/17

Clarity clears the scary. 02/25/15

Forgiveness is releasing the hope that things would be different in the past. When you refuse to forgive, you go back and revisit the hurt, and re-engage the trauma. Because your life is the culmination of your thoughts, when you think about the past and about that hurt, you are re-living it over and over again. I promise, if you choose to forgive, you will be released. 8/30/13

An educated person is an empowered person. Not all education is gained in school. In fact, some of the best education of my life has been self-taught. When I look back over my life, my favorite teachers are those who turned me inward to look for my own answers. These teachers were willing to be transparent and vulnerable. They usually taught through personal story about how they succeeded – and failed – with the concepts they were teaching. Those are the teachers that touched my heart and fed my love of learning. 10/10/14

What I think is going to happen, never will. Because… when I look into the future and think happy thoughts, I dream too small and when I look into the future and create fearful stories, I dream way too big. Things are *never* going to turn out like I think they will. 08/25/14

If you are focused on someone else’s experience of their healing process and whether or not they are healing, you are deaf to the guidance for your own healing. 05/21/14

I chose to face the dragons and discovered that they are merely knights who have been cast in an unfavorable light. 02/27/14

In conversation with a client, she said, “I am brushing up against my comfort zone and it feels raw and uncomfortable… I have to go to the edge and step off.” I responded, “And trust that you will either encounter a bridge you couldn’t see before or you will remember how to fly.” 09/05/13

Being “on Purpose” doesn’t mean the “work” load gets lighter or stops. In fact, it seems that there may be more to do. The cool thing is… that “more to do” becomes fun and exciting. -3/4/13

If you believe people cannot change, do you realize that means you will remain the same? 3/4/13

Our generation is about putting a stop to all abusive cycles, healing old wounds – our own and those of generations past – and it’s about LIVING your divine purpose. Now is the time to return to your truth. 3/2/13

When you are willing to move forward into the future without dragging your past with you, you step into the life you were meant for when you were born. -2/22/13

Miracles and Magic oh how wondrous thou art
Sunshine and Rain, Clouds and Blue Skies,
Inhale and Exhale, Expansion and Contraction,
Movement and Rest, Birth and Death,
Loving, Forgiving, Allowing, Receiving
Acceptance, Faith, Hope, Belief
Each of these,
Each of You,
All a part of Life Everlasting
Oh how wondrous thou art, Oh Life! Oh Love!
Oh Miracles and Magic… how wondrous thou art!

Sometimes, in the middle of it all, there is a silence. It is in that silence that Love resides. And the truth of the matter is, it is ALWAYS there, it is only that we recognize it sometimes. -2/7/13

Transformation is… realizing you’ve just Remembered something you once knew and Knowing that you will never be able to forget it again. It’s that moment when someone “teaches” you something and you know it to be true, without knowing how you do. It is that “AH-HA!” moment that you can look back at and know you’ll never be the same again and you can’t go back. -02/06/13

You cannot move forward while holding on backwards. -01/18/13

Abundance is more than having your bills paid with money left over. Abundance is a choice, a state of being, a reality. When you choose to willingly receive all that is around you – right now! – you will understand abundance. -01/16/13

It’s hard to clear the forest when you are the tree. -11/30/12

I didn’t know how to let go until I looked back and realized I had. – 10/20/12

And when you rise to greet the day, you are alive and awake and, thereby, willing to be fully present for what life will send your way that day. Or not. It is your choice. – 10/8/12

Ya know… if you drink soda pop while wearing earbuds and hold it in your mouth while carbonation fizzles, it sounds like there’s an audience in your head cheering you on! – 06/20/12

One thing I appreciate is that I’ve come to understand that if your mood doesn’t match mine, I don’t have to change to match yours. – 06/01/12

The only way to get over being sick and tired is to get healthy and awake. – 05/30/12

I’m making choices based on what feels loving. I’m noticing that it makes the choosing much more easeful. – 05/27/12

The miracle of my life is realizing that what I once thought was beyond me is now mine and I am the source of that miracle. – 05/23/12

They were not failures. They were simply steps to perfection. – 04/25/12

It is a choice to connect or disconnect and if you disconnect, you can lose your happy. 03/02/12

Does it matter if I wear my black flip flops or gray? No, not really. But the impulse is to wear the black ones. I don’t know why. I just know that, for some reason, I must. So I do. And then, I get to walk around all day knowing, and being reminded with every step, that I listened… even to the small things. 9/16/11

When a butterfly first unfurls her wings, they are wet and weak. It is not until she starts gently fluttering them that they begin to strengthen and, eventually, lift her off the ground. 9/14/11

Trust is standing before that abyss, on the precipice with toes dangling into the unknown and knowing that with the next step you will either be supported or taught to fly. -08/04/11

[…continuing to beat up yourself and blame others] contaminates your present and tweaks your future. As long as I sat in the space where it was everybody else’s fault… as long as I held onto that and made them the bad guys and me the saint, then I was not really facing into what my part was in the experience. And I was continuing to breed the thought that they’re wrong and I’m right, which creates a divisive nature in my life. Love is a combining force. It is not a divisive force. -7/19/11 on Everyday Joy

When faced with the choice of two roads, follow the path that, when you consider taking it, your heart sings. It doesn’t matter if it is well-worn or newly-carved. Your singing heart is an indication that it is YOUR path. – 6/28/11

Sometimes I’ll grab your hand to help you up. Sometimes I’ll hold it to steady you. Sometimes I’ll release it so you can fall. Love is at the root of it all. – 6/21/11

In response to a client who asked, “I’m doing this to improve myself and my life. Why aren’t they happy for me?”

I responded, “People aren’t necessarily going to throw a parade in your honor or cheer you on when you choose to transform your life because, effectively, it changes them too and humans tend to be uncomfortable with change.” 06/02/11

Sometimes I follow an impulse that feels exciting and delightful to me only to discover it leads to a dead end. Then I need to regroup and carve a new path. 05/07/11

I am the scientist of my own life. -04/23/11

I think about strange things when I am sick. This morning, on the edge of waking, this was the thought in my head: “Not all bugs who wait in the darkness find themselves transformed into dainty, frail butterflies. Some of them become bigger, badder bugs.” 01/31/11

The really cool thing about magic is that it can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be AND it still works. 12/22/10

Once upon a time I was living a fairy tale that I wholly believed would come true. It didn’t. Which was the perfect ending. Eventually. – 12/15/10

Sometimes life is just like that; the Universe takes over and gives you no other choice. – 12/13/10

You don’t know the worth of a soul or the contribution he makes to society merely by looking at him. – 12/10/10

With all change there is an adjustment period that feels uncomfortable and confusing. Until it doesn’t. It’s a matter of shifting perception. – 12/08/10

Remember… when you were learning to walk, sometimes you fell down. – 11/30/10