Breaking Through the Clouds and Embracing the Light Within
is the second book in the “Clouds” trilogy focused on
healing and self-empowerment. This book is currently in process
and is expected to be completed and released in soon.


A snippet from the upcoming book:

They say that when someone faces death, it changes the life they live. And I can attest to that fact. My journey through the Nile happened in 2007 and there are still times that I feel the lingering effects of its presence in my life. If someone sneezes in my direction, I get sick and my theory on this is because my immune system has been significantly weakened by that experience.

However, I’ve been one who has, throughout life, experienced “weird” physical things. As an infant, I was incredibly ill and experienced fevers high enough to cause seizures and the need for CPR until they removed my tonsils around age three. As a teenager, I had mono and got to endure the second removal of my tonsils. As an adult, I’ve dabbled in infertility and endometriosis. And since the publication of Above the Clouds, I have had two near-death experiences because of physical conditions – first in the Nile and secondly, an incident that is still unexplainable.

Because of my continual state of loathing my own body that set in around age twelve, I’ve been in an ongoing battle with my body. If you think about how you would react to someone who hates you, tells you that on a daily basis and looks at you with disgust, you can imagine how my body has felt for a very long time. Most people, when they’re healthy, do not stick around for a relationship that is hateful and toxic. My body, though, is my physical vehicle so it has had to stick around (well, it hasn’t had to, but it has) and I’ve treated it poorly. Very poorly.

To keep your car running smoothly, it requires some upkeep and care. It definitely needs gas to fuel its engine so it can move and it requires oil to keep things interacting without grinding and to transfer heat away from the vital parts. This oil gets gummy and dirty, as do other parts of the inner workings of your car, so it requires occasional lube, oil and filter changes. At times, the brakes and tires wear out and need to be replaced, rotated or balanced. And, sometimes other systems require looking into for upkeep, repair or replacement.

We spend a lot of time, energy and money keeping this vehicle moving, as it is a vital part of our existence here. Granted, there are many people who do not have their own cars, but these people use other modes of transportation: trains, busses, etc. And someone, somewhere, does the maintenance on those machines. If you ride a bike, then that too requires maintenance. Anything that has an engine and moving parts requires upkeep.

Your body, with its many moving parts, is your soul’s vehicle here on earth. It is the physical component of who you are. If you are here and alive, then your soul chose to inhabit a physical body to learn experientially. Through this body, you learn and experience, you move and you interact. Through those aspects of being alive in a physical body, your soul is given the opportunity to understand the lessons needed for progression.

Your body is an amazing, miraculous piece of machinery – even more so than your car. If you are a healthy baby, with all systems functioning appropriately at the moment you emerge into this world, your body will continue on for many decades as long as you have food and water. You can abuse, neglect and attempt to abandon your body for your entire life and it will continue to plug along, doing what it’s supposed to do. After some time, though, it will begin to break down and give you warning signs. Your “check engine” light may come on with gentle signs and nudges that, if ignored, eventually result in severe health issues and breakdowns, but it will keep going.

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