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City of Certainty

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City of Certainty – a soul’s protest chronicles the experience of one young woman as she journeys through finding her truths, empowering herself, and becoming the magnificent being she was meant to be. Written in fairy tale formula, it is perfect for the young women in your life – or any woman who may be struggling to find her own voice.

This book is the opening book in a series of tiny books that will be all about self-empowering journeys. This endeavor was a labor of love pulled forth through my own personal healing work and has been such a beautiful process to complete.

As I overflow with gratitude and love, I am also experiencing gentle pride for this accomplishment. In the process, I discovered patience and tenacity, strength and creativity, openness and willingness that I did not know I possessed. It is truly a feat worth celebrating! I invite you to click on the image for a preview of the book, leave your thoughts after reading the few short paragraphs and share this around.

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