the truth of her

Her gentle nature is hidden behind an opaque crystalline shell That is resilient and forgiving While being unyielding and demanding She is icy And fire She is fluid And solid With eyes wide open, she watches She learns She moves She guides She heals She faces the daunting world, undaunted, But sometimes crumbles when the burden becomes too much to hold It is then that she recedes into the darkness To nurse her wounds To forget her visions To cleanse the acidic pain of humanity’s suffering And in that darkness, she remains watchful Learning more Moving more Guiding more Healing more She knows more than she can share She sees more than others envision She feels more than those around her sense She holds more than anyone can imagine And she does this out of love Keeping her distance from every one of you Except for an elite collection Of clever, fearless souls who are able to remain upright Within the blazing cyclonic energy of her existence She is the Warrior Queen Facing her foes with chin held high Eyes sharp Mind open Heart warm Arms wide And if she cries it is only because She has seen the ending And it is an exquisite pain, An ugly beauty, The parting of souls of such magnitude that it defies words And, still, she goes forward Always © Angie K. Millgate, 2017

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