Profoundly Sensitive People…

You are in pain. But we’re talking the pain that makes it so you can’t breathe and stand up in the same moment. It’s blinding pain, the origin of which you cannot trace. It just simply is and it’s something you’ve lived with seemingly all of your life.

If your child, spouse, lover, best friend, family member, or the cashier at the grocery store gets injured, you feel that pain. You can feel the throbbing, aching, burning sensation of broken bones and torn skin. Hell, if there is a news report of someone getting injured, you feel that too.

You flinch when you watch movies about boxing. You have to turn away from the screen when the movie contains scenes of torture or P.O.W. treatment or concentration camps. You just cannot watch that inhumane behavior. “It’s not right,” you say. Your heart breaks for the mess humanity is making for itself, for the way humans treat one another, and for how hateful everyone seems to be.

You have grown used to being oversensitive and sometimes, even, pride yourself on being unable to go to “those kinds” of movies or watch the news. Because you are disgusted by the way people treat one another, to those around you, you come across as bossy and stiff, or whiny and weak when you berate them about their choices to watch the news or “those kinds” of movies. You just don’t understand how they could be that horrible, anymore than they understand how you can be such a sissy-lala.

This extreme pain you experience is a result of being Profoundly Sensitive and ignoring or denying your abilities. It is your gifts and abilities run amok and it is running your life because you allow it to do so. This is an at will planet; you came here to experience a life of CHOICE. That includes your Empathic and Intuitive abilities.

It is time for you to wake up and embrace your gifts, live WITH your abilities, be IN your body NOW, and CHOOSE to empower yourself for the betterment of your life and the life of those around you.

It is what the world needs NOW.

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