I know you can See. I know you can Hear. I know you can Sense. I know you can Feel. I know you Know. I know you are picking up on stuff that other people are not.

Some of you Feel, See, Hear, Sense, and Know the future. And some of you are able to do all that for yourself. Some of you have been shown why you’re here on this planet and it has been in vivid detail, as if it is a proclamation. You KNOW your purpose because you’ve been shown it in no uncertain terms. You’ve been shown it like… like it is some sort of prophecy that HAS TO come true, as if you have no choice in the direction of your life.

This dimension, this planet, is an AT WILL, FREE WILL, BY CHOICE place. We CHOOSE to come to Earth to experience what it is like to BE HUMAN. Some of us do that only a few times; some of us do it many, many times; some of us are here for the very first time; and some of the really rare ones are here for their first and only time.

All that being said, the most important aspect of this planet is that it is a place where we exercise free will. IN ALL THINGS. The spirit dimension and your metaphysical gifts are yours to command, not the other way around. If you’ve been shown “your future” and you don’t like what you see, MAKE DIFFERENT CHOICES. The future is built upon the choices you make now.

AND LET ME BE CLEAR: Your Spirit Guides, Spirit Mentors, Ascended Masters, and the like ARE NOT YOUR BOSSES. They are just that… guides, mentors, guardians, teachers. If they show you “your future” and you take it as “the only future” and as if it is something you “have to do” then you have missed the point of this planet. If you choose to martyr yourself for that future by doing something you “have to do because They say so,” then you are doing yourself a great disservice.

NO future is set in stone, even those that are prophesied about are changeable. If you don’t want the future They have shown you, DON’T CHOOSE INTO IT. If you choose a life that you don’t want for yourself – “because They said so” – you set yourself up for resentment, implosion, and utter destruction, eventually.

YOU are the one to command your life, create your future, and wield your gifts. No amount of metaphysical input changes ANY of that – no matter what They say. If you’ve got Guide and Guardians that are telling you to “do as I tell you to, no questions asked” and it feels contrary to what you want, then you have been given an opportunity to really stand up for yourself and declare what YOU want for yourself. This is what THIS era is about – claiming back all that has been taken from us. This is not the Middle Ages where it is decreed who you marry, what you have to do as a living, and who you are supposed to worship and how. YOU HAVE CHOSEN EARTH AND YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO SAY HOW YOUR LIFE GOES. Even if you are of the Messiah energy, you have not been designed to sacrifice who you are for some future you’ve been told you “must live,” especially when it’s a future you don’t want. Just stop that!

Remember who you are! YOU are a POWERFUL CREATOR designed to choose and create the life you WANT to live.

So… go out there and create it!

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