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Recently, I sat with a client who was trying to figure out what she wanted to do next with her life. She was in that phase that many of us – those who are on the path of enlightenment and consciousness – go through: gathering of information.

In this phase, we read a lot of books, watch a lot of movies, go to a lot of workshops and retreats, spend a lot of money on coaches, and basically question everything we ever thought was true. In this phase, we also spend the bulk of our time overriding ourselves because, once we discover that something we had once been taught was true is actually… not… we begin to distrust everything, including ourselves. In this phase, “everyone else” knows more than we do and therefore, when we bump into a teaching that contradicts what we thought we knew to be true, we immediately toss aside the “old truth” for the new teaching.

This time in our lives is quite disorienting and for anyone who has been raised in a religion, but has left it, we have a tendency to maneuver through our spiritual awakening in much the same way we did within religion. If, in our religion, there was a superior figure – often called a “prophet” – who was connected directly God and spoke for all of the church, then we may have developed the belief that no one, other than this person, is capable of knowing the whole truth – least of all, ourselves. We may also believe that this person and those who work closely with the figurehead, are the only accredited sources of answers; they are the all-knowing fount of information about who we are supposed to be, how we are supposed to behave, and what, exactly, is required of us to earn our way back into heaven. Because people raised in traditional religions are taught that the source of truth is beyond them, they are programmed to believe external sources before they believe themselves.

When you are waking up to the remembrance of yourself and stripping away the lies to return to the truth of who you are, it can feel disorienting and downright terrifying. Especially because there are no experts who can tell you how to BE who you really are. YOU are the only one that has this information. Granted, there are people like me who are designed to support you through this process and hold space for you to uncover your truths, but you – AND ONLY YOU – can know your truth. As you maneuver the pathway from “old ways” to “true you,” you have to rely on what you know to be true for yourself; you have to be your own prophet.

One of my favorite definitions for the word “prophet” comes from dictionary.com: one of a band of ecstatic visionaries claiming divine inspiration and, according to popular belief, possessing magical powers.

How wonderful is that?! Some of the original definitions link a very religious word back to magic. Being your own prophet is magical! It is also trying, at times, because it requires you to continually override what you’ve been programmed to believe: that some man at the top of your church’s pyramid is THE ONLY SOURCE of truth. Relying on yourself to know your truth – which is a practice of self-trust – can be intimidating and can lead to much self-questioning as you debate between, “I know this is right for me,” and Oh good grief! Is this right for me?”

The reason why I am writing about this today is because of one the fundamental truths I have discovered on my own journey of healing and remembering who I am. It is best said in a quote from Abraham Hicks:

The more connected to Source you become, the more stable you are, and the more able you are to roll with things, and then what others are doing or thinking or feeling becomes a non-issue.

What I have witnessed is, as long as our source of truth is outside of us, it is always a moving target. When that source is a God whose love we have to earn and to whom we must prove we are worthy of returning to His side through a series of tests in this lifetime, it is a process of striving for something we rarely reach. When that source is another human who has been designated as “the spokesperson” for a church, all information shared through that human is coming through that human’s filters and therefore, it runs the risk of being tainted by translation through that human – no matter what that church says about the “prophet” never being able to lead the church astray, which is a double-bind, by the way. If the church teaches you that the prophet is never wrong and you question one of his revelations, then it is you that is wrong, not him, and it is you who will suffer the consequences for not fully following the prophet’s teachings. This sets up the people for being absolutely blinded to the whole truth because they fear the wrath of God and do not question his prophet.

When we live our lives through the external filters of truth placed upon us by others, we are continually battered about by their judgments, their beliefs, their stipulation of what the truth is. However, when we connect directly to our Source, which is always within us, and we live by that truth, we are removed from the fluctuation of the world’s energy and we become a space of Love, Peace, and Joy.

And this, my friend, is how we become Heaven on Earth because… we ARE Heaven on Earth.


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