Profoundly Sensitive People…

You’ve spent a lifetime (or several) trying to figure out the why’s and wherefore’s of who you are. You’ve tried to make sense of it, conform somehow, and explain yourself. You’ve disregarded the magnificence of yourself because, often, others have downplayed it, degraded it, and even abused it.

You experience life fully, sometimes with a kaleidescope of cascading sensations that hit all at once and coalesce into overwhelm very easily. It takes so much for you to venture into crowds and you do so only when surrounded by a small core of people you can trust – and then you hide in the midst of that small core.

However, you have discovered an escape hatch. You are absolutely brilliant at rising above the situation here on earth. You don’t see the shit of your life because you are hanging out in your “happy place” where there are butterflies and unicorns and rainbows and unending happiness.

And you’re wondering why life is so difficult.

You are an amazing gift to this world and if you are willing to figure out how to BE IN YOUR BODY and practice your divine gifts AT THE SAME TIME, you will be unstoppable.

It’s time now.

Humanity needs YOU now!

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