I have often received the feedback that I am “intimidating” or “scary.” Every time I hear that, I am bemused and curious about the WHY and HOW of it all. Last night, we were talking about it at dinner and one of my daughters said to me, “I totally get why some people think you’re intimidating. It’s because you’re so nice.”

That explanation caught my attention and I asked for more information.

She said, “Well, I think it’s weird because you are one of the most chill people I know. But, I get why you being nice and chill is intimidating for some people. They think it’s not real. Because you’re so nice, it scares people because they’re not used to it.”

Now, THAT I could understand.

I have received THAT feedback in relation to many different aspects of me…

“NO ONE loves like you love, Angie.”

“NO ONE is happy all the time like you are, Angie.”

“NO ONE is kind like you are, Angie.”

“NO ONE is nice like you are, Angie.”

“NO ONE is able to see like you do, Angie.”

“NO ONE is as sensitive as you are, Angie.”

“NO ONE knows me like you do, Angie.”

“NO ONE heals like you do, Angie.”

“NO ONE has the touch that you do, Angie.”

It’s ALL the same feedback and each of those sentences more often than not ends with the person saying something that delivers their real message: “And because NO ONE does that, it must not be real and therefore YOU are scary, Angie.”

This was confusing because I was all of that stuff naturally, but it was especially confusing in reference to the way I love. Humans are used to love that comes with strings, demands, projections, expectations, conditions, ownership, abuse, or domination. Because people cannot recognize the way I BE in this world – that I love without condition, without judgment, and without end – they feel like I have ulterior motives.

This feedback has been consistent for my entire life and because of the frequency and consistency of it, I could only deduce in my younger years that everyone was right and that meant that *I* HAD TO change me to make things “right.” I used to turn all that feedback inward, telling myself I was horrible and sometimes, even, I went as dark as to convince myself I was evil because of all of those abilities. If people were scared of me, didn’t it mean that I was “bad?” I mean, if we think about movies and books, the scary dude is the “bad guy” or the Villain. If I was scaring people with my abilities, did that make me a Villain?

It took several years of trying to change me into something I wasn’t by forcing myself to STOP doing all that I innately BE on this planet – loving, kind, gentle, tenderhearted, Seer, Healer, happy, etc. All of the reasons I am here, I kept trying to make me NOT be any of that. And it hurt.

It has just been in the last couple years, that I discovered that my BE on this planet – no matter how scary it is to those who don’t understand me or who are not ready to receive the level of love and acceptance I inherently bring – is actually how I express the Divine. And, by me choosing to stop doing all I innately BE, I was turning myself AWAY from my Source, which is the exact opposite of what I want to create for myself.

So, my invitation to you today is, if someone gives you the feedback that you are “intimidating” or “scary” when you are not purposely being “intimidating” or “scary,” which can be confusing, check in with yourself and ask, “Could it be possible I am behaving in a way they cannot recognize because I am designed differently than most humans?”

Because, my Dear Sensitives, it is highly possible that your gifts truly ARE things that make you unlike anyone else and humans have a tendency to want same-same so they are safe-safe. You going about changing you only succeeds in eliminating a source of magic by making you mold into the cookie-cutter humanness of same-same. And, at this time, the human race needs all possible magic alive and active, so please don’t do that. We need you to be uniquely you.

Choose you. Choose love. Choose MAGIC!

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