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Dear Parents of Sensitives,

The really cool thing about being the parent of a Sensitive Child is, you have in your midst someone who, if you pay attention, will tell you EXACTLY where you are out of alignment, where you are not paying attention to your own emotions, and where you are not being present for your own life.

As babies, sensitive children convey this by crying for “no reason.” However, babies do not cry for “no reason;” they cry to communicate because they cannot yet express in common, understandable words. If you pay attention to your baby’s cry even if it has been diagnosed as “colic” – or maybe especially if it is diagnosed as that – you WILL uncover a lot about yourself. Your child is trying to tell you that you are – or someone else around is – harboring energy that is painful to be around.

As children grow up and develop the ability to speak in ways that you are now willing to understand, and while they are still under six years old and not yet veiled in the programs of Earth, they will begin to express this in ways that you judge as “acting out for no apparent reason.” They are still unable to comprehend that what is yours is not theirs and they are letting you know that they are uncomfortable.

Because a Sensitive has the ability to feel in their own body what is going on for others, they really have no way of knowing it is not their own. And unless they have parents who get this and help them develop energetic boundaries, they grow up to be basket cases and exhausted because they are carrying around the weight of the world on their shoulders and in their bellies.

As teenagers, especially if they know you “never listen to them” – and this is what they learn when you have ignored or resented their crying and acting out for “no reason,” rather than paying attention to what the message is within that – they will never engage in a heartfelt conversation with you. They don’t trust you.

Now, you most likely didn’t intend to ignore your baby or small child. And you probably didn’t intend to send the message to your child that he/she was wrong/broken/crazy/sick. And you most likely did not ever intend to teach your child that they couldn’t trust you, but this is what happens when a Sensitive’s gifts are ignored.

No matter what age your Sensitive child is right now – even with teenagers – you can rectify this by getting really accountable for your actions and being very open and honest about it with them – especially with the teenagers. Even acknowledging their abilities in hindsight can go a long way in helping a teenager release the angst around being too sensitive and supports them in moving into their true divine nature of being powerful beyond measure.

If you ever witness your child doing something or behaving irrationally and you say something along the lines of “there seems to be no reason for it,” it is an opportunity to check in and see if YOU are the reason for it and get your energy cleaned up.

A little something for you to think about today.

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