INVITATION: if you ever feel an emotional charge about ANYTHING I say or post and you feel the need to fight me about it, let me offer you some steps to follow as a means of moving through it…

FIRST: B R E A T H E. Take a few moments to actually pay attention to your breath and get present with yourself.

SECOND: ask yourself, “what about this bothers me?”

THIRD: pay attention to your answers. If any of them begin, “because Angie…” it is an indication you are in projection mode, which indicates that the REAL juice is inside those projections. I invite you to look deeper and ask questions about THAT response of projection with questions like these:
Is it the delivery of the message, the message itself, or the deliverer of the message that is triggering me? (This one will give you lots of insight on which direction to head in the healing of it.)
What is this triggering within ME that I have been ignoring?
What do I need to see?
What needs to recognized? Honored? Healed?
Is there something here that could be a superpower that I have been ignoring?
What is right about this that I am missing?


FIFTH: Be accountable for YOUR own experience, thoughts, words, actions, emotions, beliefs, and energy.

SIXTH: Keep in mind, I work with, communicate with, and see A LOT of people every single day and I have noticed that I call in numerous people with the same issues at the same time. Therefore, the chances are slim that whatever I have posted is about YOU. If something triggers you and you recognize yourself in anything I say or if you believe YOU are the anonymous “Doe” I’m speaking of when I choose to talk about specific situations, it means there IS something in there for you to heal on the topic.

SEVENTH: Message me privately about it. I am always open to feedback and communication.

EIGHTH: Seek support with someone you trust to work through the stuff that keeps sticking after going through the steps above.

NINTH: (bonus mind-bending step) As Iyanla Vanzant has pointed out, “Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself.” If you believe it is YOU I am talking about, it is.

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